About Us

Makeen Aljazeera, we added a new imprint in the world of industry and construction and high-end designs, embody through the name that we have chosen the meanings of constructions built on the basis of science, which aims to achieve the best results and lowest prices within the security and safety ranges. Our journey began a few years ago through a combination of high-efficiency expertise and disciplines variety have been selected within the global standards and specifications and accepted those departments within the team, which came together its members on the one Spirit we hope to be of those who are building a civilization proud of their home and see her the next generations.


To became an institution with different fields and products which plays an important role in economy industry.


Based on or experiences and the experience of our human resources in industry and contracting,  we seek to:
- Investing the accumulated experiences, innovations and adopting new ideas.
- Living up to the standard which the costumer expects.
- Sporting initiatives and continuing developing our human resources.
- Focusing on healthy and secure environment which compatible with Sharia laws.


Values and Principles

- Working within Sharia laws.
- Knowing costumers needs and jumping from their expectations into their aspirations.
- Full team working and precipitating in making decisions.
- Constant developing to the company resources.
- A spirit of initiative.  
- A commitment to transparency and clarity.
- Contributing to society.