Woodworking Factory

The factory adopted strict measures for quality monitor at all stages of manufacturing as well as being accuracy in choosing the best and finest raw materials and implementing a wide range of luxurious home and office furniture, cabinets, dining tables, school furniture, bedroom, doors, coating the walls (Cladding) and so on.

Also finding solutions of the modifications of old buildings at low cost without resorting to get rid of the old by using the best types of natural and industrial high-quality wood.

Makeen AL-Jazeera factory is using modern techniques in production which managed by a group of engineers who are specialists and technicians in manufacturing fields, which reflected positively on the quality of the product in order to make our customers satisfied by using the latest sophisticated machines that ensure high quality in finishing.

In addition, a modern paint line by using the finest types of heat-resistant and moisture-proof paints and suitable for any type of timber and peel.