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Makeen AL-Jazeera is a new mark we added on the world of industry, construction and elegant designs. Through the name which we choose, we incarnate the meanings of instructions which based on knowledge and major which seek to achieve best results with lowest prices within the range of security and safety.

Our journey began few years ago by the high efficiency experiences with different majors which were chosen within universal standards and characters. Those managements were accepted within a team which its members have one soul.

We hope we became like those who built a civilization which the country will be proud of and all coming generations will be talking about it.

Woodworking Factory

The factory adopted strict measures for quality monitor at all stages of manufacturing as well as being accuracy in choosing the best and f ...

Interior Decoration

We have a specialized team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers who capable to give geometric and innovative designs and implementi ...

Home Furnishings

Makeen Team work understands that the selection of home furnishings process is the most important process in the final design of the house a ...

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